Is Lifestyle Portraiture Just for Couples and Families?

It can feel like that, can’t it? If you look at most lifestyle portrait photographer’s portfolios or Instagram feeds, and you see a lot of young, happy couples who are newly engaged or newly married, as well as a lot of cute little babies and young children. Sometimes you’ll see some individuals, but often times they are high schoolers posing for their stylized senior portraits.

Each of these are fully valid reasons for seeking out a professional photographer – but they aren’t the only reasons. You don’t need to be going through a major life milestone to have a professional document your life.

With the increasing expectation of having a strong and well-curated digital footprint that accompanies today’s world, lifestyle and environmental portraiture can be useful to a wide variety of individuals or groups. And “just because” is a perfectly good reason, too.

No matter who you are or what your family life is (or isn’t) like, you are worth documenting. You have worked hard to get to where you are.

Why lifestyle portraiture?

We live in a world where nearly everyone has access to a camera any time they need one. Pull out your phone – how many photos have you taken in the last week? The last month? If you’re like most people, the answer is probably a pretty sizable number.

But when was the last time you took the time to create photographs which represent the history of your family? When was the last time you even had a photo printed?

I’m an older millennial (xennial, if you prefer…), but I grew up with family photo albums. Just over a generation later, we have billions of people who take trillions of photos, but leave no lasting trace behind.

In forty years, when current technology is obsolete, how will you and your children and grandchildren look back at the life you created?

There’s something magical about looking back from whence you came. There’s something reaffirming to see your parents and grandparents when they were young. It gives us a tangible connection to both the past and the future.

I strongly believe in the importance of lifestyle portraiture in order to help people document their lives.

It’s not about showing perfection – it’s about showing your life and your family as it is.

As the photographer, I do all of the hard work – from documenting your life as it is, to preparing the images, and even getting them printed or made into albums or holiday cards – you simply have to let me in on a little bit of this particular season in your life. And then sit back and enjoy the magic.